Donald Trump's brand: Would anyone stay in a Trump hotel now?

2016-11-13 02:42:35

I've come perilously close to being Trumped a few times in my life.

I've been in a room with Donald Trump, but there were perhaps 300 people between us.

Then there was the time Melania, engaged to Donald, visited our Tribeca loft for a photo shoot – but I wasn't at home.

And I've never stayed at a Trump hotel, although I've been invited.


Ever since Donald Trump began his incendiary run for the US presidency, the Trump brand, glossy and gold and superior to anything else, as he would have it, has become tarnished, perhaps irrevocably. Trump is a believer in "there's no such thing as bad publicity" and has used his presidential campaign as one big marketing opportunity for his brand.

But has he trashed it?

Trump has built his brand on being a successful businessman and television identity. But the election campaign has put that business model under intense scrutiny. His refusal to release his tax returns and his admission of tax dodging has hurt him.